Hi, I’m Sigal
I’m a UX/UI expert, focused on planning & designing digital products. My main expertise is in user experience products such as websites, mobile and web apps, and any other digital interactive products. 
During my career, I have held senior positions in Israel's leading studios, where I have conceptualized, managed and created an extensive array of projects. As a freelancer I have worked with small and large clients from a variety of sectors.
I strive to provide each of my clients with professional and high-quality services, combined with a personal approach to each project, resulting in trustworthy and long-term relationships. Ongoing projects allow me to provide the client with comprehensive solutions, by unifying the company’s marketing materials and presentations, and implementing custom design solutions tailored to the client’s needs. 
When I commit to a project, it is critical for me to fully understand the product or service that the company provides. I believe that deep familiarity with my client’s value proposition and goals is the heart of creating powerful, yet simple and intuitive user experiences, underscored by a minimalistic and clean design that will best serve their mission. 
If you want to learn more about me, let’s get in touch  – sigal@teller.co.il
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